Saturday, May 29, 2010


look who is thirty, 30, XXX
say goodbye 20's-

welcome to the club...

this is my decade.
i welcome you with open arms and one big boochie!
hear these are goin' be the best years yet...
where have you been all my life?
i love you!

here's to:
mi familia
great photography
the gym
more smiles

the sweet life...

let's do this mr. 30's
who loves you?
here's to you.
here's to me.

girl you know i'm lovin' your, lovin' your style...

Friday, May 28, 2010

corners of me...

corners of- well,

today is officially the last day of my twenties.
a decade that has been filled me with so much.
way to much to list...
my life, mi vida.
all of which has made, molded, sculpted me into who i am today...

for that i am thankful-
for that-
i remain...
forever young.

let the celebrations begin!

ps. always fixing typos...that's how i roll...
whoot! it's cuz i'm so excited!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cupcakes are so last year...

wait what?!?
i know, i know...
you thought i was celebrating early...
psh- enjoying every last second of my twenties!
i am so ready to take this new decade on! bring it-

wait what?!
oh right- we are celebrating early.
of course.
you see, she is a summer baby- june in fact.
and she is counting down the days...
so in 1st grade
{as of tomorrow 2nd grade- i think i just sniffled}
ok enough rambling...
to celebrate your birthday!
{at school!}
and so we did.
in style.
lollipop style.

cupcakes are so last year.

Monday, May 24, 2010


as i click on my blog to refresh myself...

hence this post rambling so vmg post...
{let me catch you up}

monday morning.
dylan and mama wake up at leisure...late-
we cuddle up on the couch as if we have no place to be- on time. just school.
3 more days left until summa' time...
so excited. no rush. no homework. no tardies. no 50 million b-day parties.
just us.
the heat.
and my lens.
oh! don't let me fool know how this mama is with "me" time.
it's a must. but then...through the toothpaste and spiky hair...
"i don't wanna go to school!"
and really at that exact same moment- i didn't want him to go either.
i wanted him to stay home- with me.
i had this overwhelming sense of "he is my baby- growing up!"
ironically you have these feelings on the first day of school, not necessarily the last few...

and then my day flashes before me...
gym, a lunch, errands for lex, 3 edits, 1 blog post, a facebook check, an upload to the website,
a shoot, another shoot this evening, dinner, bath time, bed time, and repeat.
really- longing for him to be home and then a big sigh...
how will i get it all done with a lil' spiky haired boy and mimi in tow...

struggling this am...
wanting them so close to me. not growing up. less the braty-ness.
{cause it does happen as they grow, just keepin' it real.}
embracing moments like the one this morning when they are as sweet as they will ever be.
kinda like when they have little crushes in Pre-K....

lex on the other hand-
no boys allowed!
cuz mama says not until you are 35-
and on days like this morning
she is ready to conquer the world and i will let her.
she is one focused, tough, smart, ambitious, outgoing, smart, funny little princess.
i am so proud of her- i can't stand it.
for what? just being her. she is
watching her in social situations where she knows no one-
{will blog on this later}
she is flippin' amazing.
not shy. confident. beautiful. polite. gracious.
and leaves the party with a new bff-
at 6.
that rocks.

so i guess on this monday...
i contemplate.
my days. my time. my work. me.
summa' time. no school.
their days. their time. their fun. them.

we'll work it all out.
i'll wave my magic wand, pixie dust, and put on my princess shoes...


happy magic moday...

ps. sorry for any typo's i'm late for the gym... ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

she is my thank you...

and yet another one from the 1st grade folder...

dear vanessa,
{so formal! ha.}
thank you for coming in for centers
{volunteering in her classroom}
and taking pictures. you are a great mommy.

i am thankful.
i love you baby girl.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

thoughtful thank yous...

i love to love the mailman, my inbox, the lil' envelope on my phone...

here's what they said-

just wanted to say thank you for all the fantastic pics of maddie and jack.
love them all!!
definitely will be back for more. -susan :)
{yes, she drew a smiley}

and one in the inbox reads like this:

thank you very much for such a great session and extra shots! {much appreciated} jason loved the ones with the boys in the choke hold- funny and cute, not necessarily ones that other photographers would have given us because they are not traditional. we love the shots that we were ready for and those we weren't. that is what makes these so special. i really look forward to another session with you. it was truly fun. thanks for helping us hang special memories of a fun shoot! -tammy

yet another:

i was just thinkin' you rock! -steven

one more:

omg! i'm dying right now. i love them. thank you so much. you do amazing work and we look forward to working with you in the future. -jenny

and this one via text:

you're missin' the best light of the day to photograph the canvas. just sayin' :)
these are not just pictures in my home- they are pieces of art. i heart u! -holly

recognition of good light is always a good thing!
that makes me smile. they all do.

simply stated. this r.o.c.k.s!
meaningful, thoughtful thank you's for my work, my time, my passion.
it feels good to be appreciated.

ap·pre·ci·ate[uh-pree-shee-eyt] be grateful or thankful for

2. appreciate, esteem, prize, value imply holding something in high regard. to appreciate is to exercise wise judgment, delicate perception, and keen insight in realizing the worth of something. to esteem is to feel respect combined with a warm, kindly feeling. to value is to attach importance to a thing because of its worth (material or otherwise).
to prize
is to value highly and cherish.

and something that i appreciate today:
a little off subject but sooooo not at the same time-

one of my dearest and oldest friends along with her 3 kiddos said good-bye today...
{for a long short while...}
her husband, their daddy has left on deployment to serve this country.
it doesn't go unrecognized or unappreciated with this girl.
thank you nell for letting him go.
thank you jj for your service.
god speed.

you can find her thoughts here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

corners of mi casa...

celebrating the
perfectly aged
{i feel a birthday comin' up}

corners of mi casa...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

more thoughts on motherhood...

hello. hewo. hola.
long time no blog.
{big fat booooo! or a dislike for the positive facebookers!}
so pretend it's tuesday may 11th...
bigger sigh....
lordy! time is flying.

no sigh here folks.
no seriously did you read the sign...
scroll up!
THAT one!
did i read that right?!?
"welcome first grade families"

here is it...
balloon pop sigh...
as i slump down and cross my arms and pout!
1st grade-
it came and went just like that.
we celebrated with sing along songs like:
what a wonderful world and you are my sunshine.

that little girl growing up way to fast- is my sunshine.
my ray of light.
my world.
my reminder.

my reminder:
life is too short
slow down
take the time
capture every minute
embrace every moment.

if you know me, then you know- i need the reminder.
i am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a photographer, a blogger, a facebooker, a wanna be tweeter, a neighbor, a gym rat, a i am feeling like i am something to everyone all the time. that being said- it's even more apparent to me- to remind myself, to slow down. it feels like yesterday i was posting this same post about my little miss saying good-bye to kindergarten and helllll-O first grade. never would i have thought that it would have gone so fast.
flew bye. fast.too fast.
{my screen is getting blurry. code for tears.}
as i type my own reminder...

hopefully there will never come a day when she won't want to make silly heart hats and love on her little brother in front of all of her friends because she is the big sister...
however, that day may come- so be sure to embrace and enjoy every minute.
{even the- absolutely outta-control, you did not just talk back to me,
i asked you to put your toys away, please stop being so loud, you are not wearing that, did you brush your teeth, can i brush you hair, yes- it's time for bed,
stop fighting with your brother- minutes}
sometimes life may seem to get in the way and we all get busy but promise me no matter how busy or how distracted you may become, always, always, always
remind yourself to stop.
slow down.
capture your life. capture your bliss.

your heart.

i promise.
here we come 2nd grade...

god love him...

i find myself once again reminding myself...

i can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand
felt so good in it, no bigger than a minute
how it amazes me, you're changing with every blink
faster than a flower blooms they grow up all too soon

so let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while
give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day
let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle
oh just let them be little

i've never felt so much in one little tender touch
i live for those kisses, prayers and your wishes
now that you're teaching me things only a child can see
every night while we're on our knees all I ask is please

let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while
give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day
let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle
oh just let them be little

so innocent, a precious soul, you turn around
it's time to let them go

so let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while
give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day
let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle
oh just let them be little

let them be little...

dylan- if i wasn't so selfish, i'd share you with the world.
i am so glad you are mine.
all mine.