Friday, April 23, 2010

with a cherry on top...

it was just as much fun as it looks!
we rocked that yogurt sesh fo' sho!
this was a- because it's friday your edits and pictures will have to wait because after all
this is my bliss.
funny faces, sugar smiles and tickled tummys.
sharing this big ol' heavy piece of metal with my kiddos is an unbelievable feeling.
the fact they can even hold it for one but stay focused is another...
the images of me and lex, dylan shot and those of me and dylan lex shot.
{no joke}
they have a gift
a brother sister bond like no other
and that my friends-
makes me gleeeeeem.

side note:
for those of you who pay close attention...
{i know who you are}
no- it's not friday...and my post is dated friday.
i have been a little tangled with a canon and the mac.
yes! it's bliss. love it.
however, i am psycho about this blog.
yeah i love it that much and it has been bothering me that i haven't been posting in "real time."
ha. is that possible?!
anyhoo- so i decided instead of going into {vmg} freak out mode i would post as they did happen...also for archiving purposes it will be accurate.
and i have to be accurate.
right? right.
so- until i am caught up a little more than i am now-
please- pretty please-
with a cherry on top
understand my- not lack of effort but time.
i miss my long- let me tell you how i feel blog rambles and the read and re-reads did i really just post that?- posts.
i feel them {rambling post posts} comin' on again and am looking forward to sharing them with you more than you know.
beings it is 1:01am as i type away.
it will be 2.30am soon enough...
i better stop the digi therapy sesh and give in and just let my eyes glaze over.

so when you see a post from friday on a magic monday...
just know you make my everyday a magic monday. friday? monday?