Wednesday, April 21, 2010


seriously settled into my mac today.
it consumed me. all day. well- i did make time for a tangle with the treadmill.
but before that i made sure my list got a little shorter.
however, it feels like it's never ending and ever growing- and again i am thankful.
but whew! it can be over whelming...but i would change nothing- except have a magic wand- wait i photoshop! oh golly! shop talk...
i love what i do. live what i love but sometimes i ponder on how i wish people knew just how beautiful they really are when they see an amazing picture of them self.
advice for the day via miss bliss:
love yourself. you are beautiful.
{an entire post all it's own}
and then...

"mom! Mom! MOM!"
"yes dylan- what do you need son??"
"my cowboy hat!"
"ok...i don't know that i know where it is.."
"it's in my cwoset"
{spelled phonetically just for y.o.u}
"oh! of course."
he runs out the door...

this outta be interesting...
i quickly follow with camera in tow...
only to have a squinty eyed too small squished down cowboy hat on a tried whiny sweaty hot little boy with a rope in his hand that wants nothing to do with my lens and makes funny faces at it only to realized it's on the wrong setting and they don't come out anyhoo-

when walking back to the house from my "i am so thankful for this park" park
i see this:

re-adjust the settings.
cuz that's what i do. this is how i roll.
ribbed tank and fit like butta jeans.
canon in tow.
with the only lil' cowboy in the neighborhood to use a ropin' rope tied to the back of a bike so they can take turns getting pulled around on skateboards and reek havoc on the "pawk"
helmets, hearts, happy kids.
i love that.


happy back to daily blogging!
i'm back with my random-ness you love so much!