Thursday, April 29, 2010


punky brewster.
that show rocked.
who didn't watch it as a kid and not want to be her.
i sure as heck did.
crazy hair. a style all her own.
yep! you know the kind-
at that age where your parents were like:
"i wish you would let me dress you and do your hair."
i remember my mom saying that.
but i was so big and dressed myself and no one was going to tell me what to wear.

so of course i buy lex a few pairs of knee socks at the beginning of the school year.
"these rock sista! add a little color to that uniform!"
{because remember i know nothing about fashion or style}
and in the drawer they sat- folded nice and neatly untouched until...
the 90* weather comes out for a few days last week.
seems like a good time to pull out those knee socks don't-cha think?
it's a phase i thought...
in the frantic almost bratty but not- whiny i have to wear them voice.
so glad it has cooled down to like 80* and breezy.

oh my lex.
my punky.
how cute is she?!
she reminds me of a little girl i once knew.
her style.
her own.
she rocks.

i love it.
i love her.

ps. she did ask me to braid her hair the other day...sigh...
i asked if i could put a matching bow in...
{in that- "really i am a rockin' mom voice"}
think that was a little much-
she gave me that look.
riiiiight- no bows ;(