Saturday, April 24, 2010

missing piece...

{my days lately}
are sometimes like a colorful puzzle-
a fancy nancy puzzle to be exact.
a fancy schmancy rock my own style just as i see fit.
crown and all.

days start of a little crazy.
pieces of it everywhere.
then with a little focus the pieces start making more sense.
building and and following the pieces as it all starts to come together.
i start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
i can do this.
i have it all under control.
really. i do.
a little worker bee i am.
focused an determined.
i can see how all these pieces make up one beautiful
moment. day. life.
everything fits- like a puzzle piece.

and then just when you think you have it all together...
you realize you are missing a piece.
dang it!

and on the other hand after i am done with the left side of my brain taking over everything
i do, think and feel when i am behind that lens.
i realize, it's just a beautiful little girl, sitting in her beautiful little room, quietly working on her beautiful little puzzle, enjoying her beautiful little life.
not worried one bit about that missing piece.