Thursday, April 29, 2010


punky brewster.
that show rocked.
who didn't watch it as a kid and not want to be her.
i sure as heck did.
crazy hair. a style all her own.
yep! you know the kind-
at that age where your parents were like:
"i wish you would let me dress you and do your hair."
i remember my mom saying that.
but i was so big and dressed myself and no one was going to tell me what to wear.

so of course i buy lex a few pairs of knee socks at the beginning of the school year.
"these rock sista! add a little color to that uniform!"
{because remember i know nothing about fashion or style}
and in the drawer they sat- folded nice and neatly untouched until...
the 90* weather comes out for a few days last week.
seems like a good time to pull out those knee socks don't-cha think?
it's a phase i thought...
in the frantic almost bratty but not- whiny i have to wear them voice.
so glad it has cooled down to like 80* and breezy.

oh my lex.
my punky.
how cute is she?!
she reminds me of a little girl i once knew.
her style.
her own.
she rocks.

i love it.
i love her.

ps. she did ask me to braid her hair the other day...sigh...
i asked if i could put a matching bow in...
{in that- "really i am a rockin' mom voice"}
think that was a little much-
she gave me that look.
riiiiight- no bows ;(

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


well. well. well.
real time.
i think i may have found you again.
maybe. we'll see.
today i actually stepped into the chaotic world again.
lil free lance photog
a quick wrap for lunch
picked up kiddos from school
measured some walls for a client
photo sesh
green tea {finally}
cleaned kitchen
cleaned up a broken bottle of wine off the clean kitchen counter and floor
cleaned kitchen
busted out the red colander
washed some fresh produce

all barefoot in the kitchen.

mi cocina


just checkin' in!

{i love real time! code for daily blogging is baaaaack}
a lil tangle with mr. mac
a lil photo booth overexposed this is me in my spot action
blog post
into all hours of the night-


Sunday, April 25, 2010

come away with me...

let me preface:
no cameras allowed.
even a purse check.
i have no clue how these pics ended up on the point and shoot i hate to love.

to say the least...
the girl is!
she is real.
she is genuine.
she is talented.
she is beautiful.
she is humble.
she is thankful.
she is grateful.
she is authentic.

oh! and-
me and norah jones...
we go waaaaay back.

ps. thank you cissy for a- we don't do "cheap seats" night with norah.
it was

Saturday, April 24, 2010

missing piece...

{my days lately}
are sometimes like a colorful puzzle-
a fancy nancy puzzle to be exact.
a fancy schmancy rock my own style just as i see fit.
crown and all.

days start of a little crazy.
pieces of it everywhere.
then with a little focus the pieces start making more sense.
building and and following the pieces as it all starts to come together.
i start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
i can do this.
i have it all under control.
really. i do.
a little worker bee i am.
focused an determined.
i can see how all these pieces make up one beautiful
moment. day. life.
everything fits- like a puzzle piece.

and then just when you think you have it all together...
you realize you are missing a piece.
dang it!

and on the other hand after i am done with the left side of my brain taking over everything
i do, think and feel when i am behind that lens.
i realize, it's just a beautiful little girl, sitting in her beautiful little room, quietly working on her beautiful little puzzle, enjoying her beautiful little life.
not worried one bit about that missing piece.

Friday, April 23, 2010

with a cherry on top...

it was just as much fun as it looks!
we rocked that yogurt sesh fo' sho!
this was a- because it's friday your edits and pictures will have to wait because after all
this is my bliss.
funny faces, sugar smiles and tickled tummys.
sharing this big ol' heavy piece of metal with my kiddos is an unbelievable feeling.
the fact they can even hold it for one but stay focused is another...
the images of me and lex, dylan shot and those of me and dylan lex shot.
{no joke}
they have a gift
a brother sister bond like no other
and that my friends-
makes me gleeeeeem.

side note:
for those of you who pay close attention...
{i know who you are}
no- it's not friday...and my post is dated friday.
i have been a little tangled with a canon and the mac.
yes! it's bliss. love it.
however, i am psycho about this blog.
yeah i love it that much and it has been bothering me that i haven't been posting in "real time."
ha. is that possible?!
anyhoo- so i decided instead of going into {vmg} freak out mode i would post as they did happen...also for archiving purposes it will be accurate.
and i have to be accurate.
right? right.
so- until i am caught up a little more than i am now-
please- pretty please-
with a cherry on top
understand my- not lack of effort but time.
i miss my long- let me tell you how i feel blog rambles and the read and re-reads did i really just post that?- posts.
i feel them {rambling post posts} comin' on again and am looking forward to sharing them with you more than you know.
beings it is 1:01am as i type away.
it will be 2.30am soon enough...
i better stop the digi therapy sesh and give in and just let my eyes glaze over.

so when you see a post from friday on a magic monday...
just know you make my everyday a magic monday. friday? monday?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


so blah blah blah-
you have heard my whines...
edit. edit. edit.
but oh- how i
love. love. love.
raw. natural. unedited. untouched.
right outta the canon natural beauty.

raw al naturale.
just my style.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


seriously settled into my mac today.
it consumed me. all day. well- i did make time for a tangle with the treadmill.
but before that i made sure my list got a little shorter.
however, it feels like it's never ending and ever growing- and again i am thankful.
but whew! it can be over whelming...but i would change nothing- except have a magic wand- wait i photoshop! oh golly! shop talk...
i love what i do. live what i love but sometimes i ponder on how i wish people knew just how beautiful they really are when they see an amazing picture of them self.
advice for the day via miss bliss:
love yourself. you are beautiful.
{an entire post all it's own}
and then...

"mom! Mom! MOM!"
"yes dylan- what do you need son??"
"my cowboy hat!"
"ok...i don't know that i know where it is.."
"it's in my cwoset"
{spelled phonetically just for y.o.u}
"oh! of course."
he runs out the door...

this outta be interesting...
i quickly follow with camera in tow...
only to have a squinty eyed too small squished down cowboy hat on a tried whiny sweaty hot little boy with a rope in his hand that wants nothing to do with my lens and makes funny faces at it only to realized it's on the wrong setting and they don't come out anyhoo-

when walking back to the house from my "i am so thankful for this park" park
i see this:

re-adjust the settings.
cuz that's what i do. this is how i roll.
ribbed tank and fit like butta jeans.
canon in tow.
with the only lil' cowboy in the neighborhood to use a ropin' rope tied to the back of a bike so they can take turns getting pulled around on skateboards and reek havoc on the "pawk"
helmets, hearts, happy kids.
i love that.


happy back to daily blogging!
i'm back with my random-ness you love so much!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


2 weeks ago sunday we celebrated easter at my grandma's.
a windy loved filled day in the desert with mi familia.

ps. i have been a horrible blogger i know. i have been so busy with photog shin digs
and edits i can hardly see straight- but for that i am so thankful.
grandma- this ones for you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

corners of mi {parents} casa...

no matter how near or far
new or old
big or small
one story or top story
2 dogs or 1
one thing remains the same
the love in a parents home will always remains just that-

it is a place of peace
faith is believed
where good music is appreciated
candles are lit
good drinks are made
talks are had
hands are held
hugs are given
laughs are loud
smiles are shared

it is home-
it will always be.

here's to a mom and dad who taught their daughter all there is to know about
mi casa.

mi casa es su casa...

p.s. "my name is not mija- it's van.e.ssa!"
circa 1984

Monday, April 12, 2010

this is magical...

i am running out the door
don't have time to even post this
now i'm a little late
but i HAD to share this.
{my dear friend posted on fb}
told her i was "borrowing for life"

this is magic.
it is after all-
a magic monday.