Monday, March 15, 2010

magic kicks...

ok. sooooo.
i should be blogging about out the kick a@@-
my kids rocked their first climb, get their cardio from there mama,
hike we took on sunday-
more on that tuesday-
all the days run together for me anyhoo- so what's one more day!

this is serious stuff my friends!

my superman got some new kicks and quite frankly- they rock.
you had doubts?!

it is all about the shoes.

he thinks so too.

pretty sure they replaced his "head hardy" chucks.
Ed Hardy chucks.


i have no idea how to pronounce it. well- i do, but i prefer dylan speak.
that's the best.


yes with all the excitement of a dozen of these: !

suekeenoooshe's = my mama rocked me some magic kicks!

...because it is a magic monday after all...
and i do rock.
{just ask him}

ps. third pic down: sometimes i wish i could just click "un-blur"
i just love that "i have my mama's little freckles across my nose"
peanut butter face. did i just post a blurry pic? i am human. check.