Tuesday, March 9, 2010

game on...

grandpa jack is here! gwanpa jack is here!
grandpa jack is here! gwanpa jack is here!

game on.

as i am enjoying a quiet {well-semi quiet} vmg tasks in mi casa-
a little tangle with the computer, lunch is made, photos taken, images edited,
candle burning, kind of day...

walking into the living room from my, i love my spot, spot- i found a serious game of checkers goin' on between lex and her grandpa jack. dylan, on the other hand just wanted to throw the checkers- everywhere. camera in tow i began to click away. as a photog- i must admit that the checker board was quite intriguing to my lens. as i continue to snap away at an extremely cooperative gwanpa jack and photogenic kiddos {at the moment} this mind of mine begins to wander.

life is kinda like checkers.

don't get me wrong-
i am completely in l.o.v.e with the fact that my little loves love their
grandpa jack with everything inside of them. such a special bond they share with both sets of grandparents. i l.o.v.e it and for that i am so thankful.

but seriously-
{just realized where lex's picked that up. funny. except when she says it to me}
i see things when i am behind that lens- my mind goes creatively crazy.
sometimes i think i should right this stuff down so i don't forget it.
didja' see that checkers pics. rocks!
{and so does the one of the serious checker players and the one with lex with her grandpa jack}
ok- rambling. anyhoo-

back to the life is kinda like checkers.

without getting to over the top...this could get really deep and my bed is calling...
it goes something like this:
in life, you have strategic moves and decisions that need to be made.
every move counts, the opponent is watching you, everyone is watching you really.
you have a cheering section.
all the decisions you make effect you and those around you.

you play strong, you live strong.
you live strong, you love is strong.
you love strong, you are strong.

flashback to the living room:
king me grandpa jack! king me gwanpa jack!

i believe at this point i'm feelin' a little queen-ish
so king me already!

life is the game that must be played.
~edwin arlington robinson

game on.