Monday, March 8, 2010

corners of mi casa...

can you tell i am having issues with this...
stop the clock already.
can't you?

i love mi casa. the quaint-ness. the vmg- oh! style that is all mine. the spotless-mess. ha. {ness}
as i walk in my little sunshine's room i find close to a village of my little ponies, barbies, and polly pockets on the nightstand.
"mama, can you please leave that stuff out while i am at school and not put it away?"
boo! what kind of mom would do such a thing?
i would. my mom did.

it's been there for over a week. serious props for me.
sometimes i out of place. most of the time i smile.
this casa has a place for everything and everything has a 'bucket' i have been told.

i will admit. there have been days when all is quiet on a school day and i have stubbed my toe on a few trucks, tractors, barbies, bracelets, barrettes and nerf guns... and cried.
where is the time going. there will come a day when my little ponies will be replaced with photos of her boyfriend {that she swears she will marry}. HA!
we've all been there....

so as i post this months corners of mi casa. may all that stuff stay- not in the corners or in the buckets but sprawled out all over this that's it i'm stopping the clock because i don't want you to grow up any faster than you already are and you will not marry until you are 45 casa.

and if that were to be the case...that would be a serious dose of magic.
...and i'm not talking about her marrying at 45.

happy magic monday.
from polly, glitter, barbie, rainbow and my sunshine.