Thursday, March 11, 2010

celebrating you...

let me begin with this:
i never knew the amount of love a mother could have for her daughter,
until i had a daughter of my own.

celebrating y.o.u today mom.

i believe this to be the truth:
i get my passionate heart from you
the desire to be better from you
me crying at stupid commercials from you
crying period ;)
{you're already crying}
non interest in sports from you
the desire to succeed from you
the love of Nordstrom from you
the ability to fall asleep during a movie from you
my love of horses from you
my will to press forward from you
my it's A okay to be who i am from you
my dance moves from you
my love for my home from you
my sweet{er} side from you
i have learned more than this blog post will allow- from you.

this beautiful woman that has taught me:
to love unconditionally
dance in the kitchen
love shoes
drink out of a fancy glass
to take care of my skin
work hard
clean even harder
be organized
be myself
love myself
love my family
laugh out loud
make a bed
how to be a wife
how to be a mom
how to

she has supported me, been a stage mom, been my audience.
she continues to watch, listen and cheer.

her heart is full. it's pure. it's love.
her heart is full pure love.

i love you mom.
{in a fancy glass}
to life
to love
to you

happy birthday.

ps. with these lyrics we have drove many a mile, been to even more rodeos, cried, sang, laughed, fought, danced, hugged, loved, put it on repeat and listened to it again.

{i know your cryin' now!}