Sunday, March 7, 2010

botanically blessed...

hi friends.
long time no see. well- it seems like forever. too long really. last post was wednesday. ridiculous. it has been a bit crazy, chaotic, cluster screw-ish and any other c word that goes with the other adjectives. i've been feeling busy, hectic, a little disorganized- for the record- miss bliss doesn't do disorganized. a fault? maybe. but i don't- or let's say, it's hard for me to do it and do it well. my mind has been wandering in every direction. anyone who has a creative mind understands this. it works harder than you do, mentally- it continually sets goals, plans, basically manifests a bunch of stuff that "your creative soul" thinks you can handle and plops it all on one big plate. not only does it set it on one big fancy, colorful, perfectly pretty plate- it gives you a deadline.
for who? for what? for why? oh- him ha...i don't have the answer to that- it just does.
boo on that.

fast forward:
it's sunday.
3 days post blog post.
it's raining. i've had a couple freak out moments. like the house is trashed {there's a cup on the counter}, lex changes her clothes 1 more time- i swear i will....dylan throws anything in the house 1 more time- i swear i will...laundry is the freakin' enemy. the dyson is calling my name. so are my 'the best clients in the world' clients and just got the news that a very- well...let's just say...high maintenance client just signed up for more. {more on that later and high maintenance is not all that hem....} i haven't blogged in 3 days {whoop di do! but it's important to me} i've been trying to get to bed before 1-2am so i can stop looking and feeling like death warmed over. chocolate chip cookies are not my friends {yes that is plural}. time is not on my side. really is it already mid-march. with that being said- followed by a big long sigh.... it is. it's spring! the most beautiful time of year in the desert. so why aren't i out in it, everyday, with this hunk of burnin' metal. good question! and so i ventured out on this rainy sunday.

fast forward x2:
post 15 mins with my kick ass lens.
post blog upload and bi&ch sesh.
right in the middle of being tangled with my computer.

the desert.
blessed in deed.
we all are- for one reason or another.
bet when you count your blessings you will run out of fingers and toes...
even if on a day when we consider ourselves here out west only to be
bontanically blessed.
still blessed.

ps. i'm not a spoiled brat. i'm not a spoiled brat. i'm not a spoiled brat.