Monday, March 1, 2010

22 years ago today...

more often times than not- pictures are worth 1000 words.

we have had:
1000 smiles
1000 laughs
1000 tears
1000 hugs
1000 moments
1000 holidays
1000 words
1000 texts
1000 looks
1000 secrets
1000 confessions
1000 phone convos
1000 miles traveled
1000 pictures taken of us
1000 'uh oh's?'
1000 'are you serious-es?'
1000 thinking the same thing at the same time

whatever they may be x1000- they are ours.
wouldn't give any of them up for $1000 bucks.
couldn't express my love in 1000 words.
she is my cousin that should be my sister.
she is that friend that is better than family.
she is my family. mi familia.

here's to:
the del
cartwheels on the retaining wall.
yelling at the tourists from the turret.
grocery store runs.
pickles on a walk.
swenson's ice cream.
the jeep.
the ghosts.
the jukebox.
screaming fits when we were separated.

1000 birthday wishes to you mark-
i am proud of you 1000 ways from sunday.
i love you 1000 x's to the moon and back.