Monday, February 8, 2010

lookin' up

my piece of metal.
where have you been all my life?
well- at least the past week.
i didn't think i could go so long with it sitting on my dryer tucked snug as a bug in it's place. not that i didn't want to pick it up- i just didn't. consumed with lyrics. {which too is a good thing} i let it sit- with that kick a** strap peeking outta the bag. ha. katie- you're smiling.

i had a little reminder the other day to look up! embrace your surroundings. coincidentally-
me and the rockstars have been finding silly formations in the clouds these days as they grace our {most of the time} crystal clear skies. we have seen camels, elephants, and lord only knows what else. with this slight chill in the air, winter weather, big white cream puffs in the sky my attention is drawn UP! so much in fact- on saturday i said,
" i will take pictures of these clouds today."
but i didn't.
so alas!
today, as my, finding silly formations in the cream puffs, of rockstars road their scooters and played as they should in this amazing park of a front yard, well- i looked up on this magic moday, this time through the lens and my, my what i found...