Monday, February 22, 2010


there is something to be said for a
strong willed
left handed
too big for my britches
i can conquer the world
i take after my mama
little boy.

staying on a gween light, is another story.

i must say-
all qualities i find extremely important in this crazy world we live, and not so ashamed he possesses them. all of them. yet, in the classroom and at four years old i understand the frustration for a pre-K, {this is why you're blessed with the qualities of being a teacher and not me} teacher chooses to change the color of the day that effects my mood.

there for a while, the color of the day consumed me.
green was out, red was in and yellow was the new pink.
{catch my drift}

trust me- i let him know such behavior in the classroom was unacceptable.
he saw the light and i am proud of my little man.

"look mama i stayed on gween!"

"oh buddy! mama is so proud of you. so proud.
it makes me so happy that you can stay on a green light. i knew you could do it!"

"so does that mean i can go to the pawk?"

"yes buddy of course you can."

oh wait- what?
you thought we had one of those
"dylan, now mama is disappointed that you..."

now really is that how i roll?

went more like this:

"buddy, what's up with all these red lights!? you'd better start listening in class and behaving yourself or you and that park won't be friends anymore."

he has a confused look.

in very slow low toned voice i say...
"you won't be able to play at the park if you can't stay on a green light at school."
i smile. he kinda smiles...

we are on like 2 weeks of greens...
how's that for makin' magic.
happy magic monday!