Saturday, February 27, 2010

that's my girl...

she is a beautiful gift. she lights my world.
makes me smile and sometimes shake my head.
she knows who she is. where she is going and exactly what she wants- sometimes.
she has her own style. she embraces it. she loves it.
she is smart. beautiful from the inside out and real.
she is the most resilient little soul i have ever met.
she has a smile that lights up the room and melts my heart all at the same time.
she wants to be just like her mama. bliss2 she calls it.
she is my little girl. my little lady. my friend. my reminder. my bliss.
i love that she is mine.
she is a happy, healthy, precious jewel of a little girl.

that's my girl.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


meet rodeo.
we call her jojo.

{settin' the scene for ya!}

my parents have been in town at their home up north and my kiddos followed them for a sleepover. when i went to retrieve them so my mom and dad could enjoy their 30th wedding anniversary dinner in peace, all hell broke loose. literally. let's just say my kids and my parents have an unbelievable bond and the love between them is untouchable and irreplaceable- and oh how they miss each other when they can't be together. during the fit throwing and the "we don't want to go home screams" my dad randomly says to me...

"you might want to say good-bye to jojo's- i don't know how much longer she is going to be with us..."

and so i pat her head and call her by her name as i do in my
"your are the bestest dog in the whole wide world" voice.

then i pick up where i left off- rambling on and carrying on as i always do with my mom and dad.

fast forward:
kids are loaded in the car now screaming,
"let's go! i want to go home and play at the "pawk" and it will be dark before we get home...hurry up lets go!..."

hugs and kisses to the parents and then-
waddle. wag. waddle. wag.
down the driveway.

i happen to have my camera in i just felt like i needed to focus in on that old, i've had a great life, grey, i can hardly see, i can't hardly hear, did i mention i'm old- black dog we love so much.

rodeo came into our lives as a tini tiny puppy and her name all but consumed us. rodeo. that was what we did and who we were and quite frankly who we will always be. i was about 15.
she's traveled many a mile. stayed in trucks, trailers, hotels, motels, horse stalls, rental cars, high rises, wherever we have drug her she has gone- with no complaints, because she loves us.
{well, mostly my mom and dad}

i could go on and on about stories but by now i can bet my mom is already in tears and so is my dad for that matter...but for 'ol time sakes mom and dad, let's just say she is the best "drug dog" EVER!
~long story made supa' short~
i used to pull my hand inside of my sleeve and say "jojo get the drugs!" it was a time when in HS they would bring the "police dogs" randomly through school...
why couldn't my black mut of a mama dog be "that" dog. ha. she was- anytime i pulled my hand in my sleeve and she saw it {on command or not. ha.} she would chase me all over the house, jump on my perfectly made bed, and bite my hand and we would wrestle and i would l.a.u.g.h so hard.

she's been a good dog. a good companion. a mama dog to 13.
{yes, 13!}

so jojo-
this ones for you girl!
and when you finally get to where you are going...
can you tell cowboy i said hi?

now i am crying.

my goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
~ unknown

ps. the greatest dog that ever lived went by the name "cowboy"
and that my friends- is a whole 'nother post.

Monday, February 22, 2010


there is something to be said for a
strong willed
left handed
too big for my britches
i can conquer the world
i take after my mama
little boy.

staying on a gween light, is another story.

i must say-
all qualities i find extremely important in this crazy world we live, and not so ashamed he possesses them. all of them. yet, in the classroom and at four years old i understand the frustration for a pre-K, {this is why you're blessed with the qualities of being a teacher and not me} teacher chooses to change the color of the day that effects my mood.

there for a while, the color of the day consumed me.
green was out, red was in and yellow was the new pink.
{catch my drift}

trust me- i let him know such behavior in the classroom was unacceptable.
he saw the light and i am proud of my little man.

"look mama i stayed on gween!"

"oh buddy! mama is so proud of you. so proud.
it makes me so happy that you can stay on a green light. i knew you could do it!"

"so does that mean i can go to the pawk?"

"yes buddy of course you can."

oh wait- what?
you thought we had one of those
"dylan, now mama is disappointed that you..."

now really is that how i roll?

went more like this:

"buddy, what's up with all these red lights!? you'd better start listening in class and behaving yourself or you and that park won't be friends anymore."

he has a confused look.

in very slow low toned voice i say...
"you won't be able to play at the park if you can't stay on a green light at school."
i smile. he kinda smiles...

we are on like 2 weeks of greens...
how's that for makin' magic.
happy magic monday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


today was a...
i don't care if it's "waining"
i wuv
my "fiya" bike
the "pawk"
my "fwends"
i'm "hungwee for a buhweeto"
i am in and out of a house
with a playlist playing
a candle burning
green tea sippin
still staring at the screen
loves her work
her happy kiddos
mama says
"it's fa-weezing out side!"

happy "hot chwacolate" saturday.

ps. no fa la la "fwa-lic" in the sunshine today...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

fa la la frolic...

the mail.
blah. blah. bills.
what's this?
{they sent me two!}

mouth watering
la la la
sweet as suga
take me there
bask in the sunshine
frolic in the cool green blades
let my long black locks down
lovin' this ribbed tank weather
wearin' some stellar stunnas
stay in my mmm... sweats all day
take a break from the screen
i am loving all things juicy
have you seen this yet?
please tell me the mailman loves you too
and hand delivered this
perfection of a printed catalog to you.

i'll take one of everything.
thank you mr. mailman
{i heart you}
and who shall i send the bill to?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cowboy up already...

if you know me~
you know why an image like this may
put a lump in my throat and a hole in my heart.
it takes me back.
makes me smile and reminisce...

brings back the smell of:
hot irons
freshly watered and drug arenas
fresh air

makes me hear:
diesel trucks
horse trailers rattle on an 8 mile dirt road
tractors working
announcers announce-ing
dogs barking
cows moo-ing
horses whinny-ing
spurs jingle-ing

makes me see:
wide open spaces

makes me wanna:
wear my boots
wear my spurs
get in the herd
get dirty
wear my hat
maybe even bust out a buckle
say whoa...

how 'bout them cowgirls...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

giggle me silly...

just saying
giggle me silly...
makes me smile a :
this is so me
and this r.o.c.k.s
my world
kind of a smile.

...reminds me why i do what i do.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dang it cupid...

dang it cupid!
maybe next year...
{at least for the shoes}
my heart is full.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i've got your love...

it was a success!
every 15 minutes from 12pm until dusk
happy clients
happy hearts
happy miss bliss
she's baaaack.

i've got your love.
i heart u.

Friday, February 12, 2010

15 different ways...

our cupcake decorating conversation goes like this:

mwah! {kiss on the cheek}
"i love you buddy."
he looks me dead in the eye
"i love you mom."
"hey dylan, will you be my valentine?"
"yes, because mom- i love you 15 different ways!"


"mom, can i eat my cupcake?"


"here's a napkin."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i'll show you some love...

...because i love you.
message me.
you won't be disappointed.
i promise.
no wait- i pinky swear.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

corners of mi casa: love

in your heart is where your home should be
and in your home is where your heart shall stay.


welcome to mi february casa.

Monday, February 8, 2010

lookin' up

my piece of metal.
where have you been all my life?
well- at least the past week.
i didn't think i could go so long with it sitting on my dryer tucked snug as a bug in it's place. not that i didn't want to pick it up- i just didn't. consumed with lyrics. {which too is a good thing} i let it sit- with that kick a** strap peeking outta the bag. ha. katie- you're smiling.

i had a little reminder the other day to look up! embrace your surroundings. coincidentally-
me and the rockstars have been finding silly formations in the clouds these days as they grace our {most of the time} crystal clear skies. we have seen camels, elephants, and lord only knows what else. with this slight chill in the air, winter weather, big white cream puffs in the sky my attention is drawn UP! so much in fact- on saturday i said,
" i will take pictures of these clouds today."
but i didn't.
so alas!
today, as my, finding silly formations in the cream puffs, of rockstars road their scooters and played as they should in this amazing park of a front yard, well- i looked up on this magic moday, this time through the lens and my, my what i found...