Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wait to climb...

she's a perfect smile.
she's a colorin' little mama.
she's my ray of sunshine.
she's a small green tea?
she's a pink ipod?
she's a chunky necklace?

wait what!?

the days seem to be flying by faster than normal...
it's making me realize i can't stop time
she ran into my arms the other day- it was almost work to pick her up.
she is getting so big. growing up. settling into her ways.
i do my best to mold her- yet realizing all the while she is her own little person.
she will grow up to be one amazing woman.
but wait-not yet.
let her be little.
let her lay in her bed with her "stuff." let me stand just outside her door
and listen to her sing out loud to miley cyrus...about the climb.
let her dream about chasing her dreams.

as hard as it is with everyday life in general-
i need to stop. soak it all in.
even on days like yesterday...
purging in the playroom-
yes they have too many toys, some kids would kill to have one of these
plastic barbies or markers or an ipod for that matter...

my point.
she has even grow out of some of her toys?!
...silly it sounds i'm sure.
{i'm rambling}
blocks. big legos. baby einstein. princess dress up clothes.
the clipity clop princess shoes. the wands. the crowns.

my point.
she helped.

she even recognizes she is growing up.
she's ready to learn to read music.
play an instrument.
read a novel.

ok...i'm about to cry.

she is amazing, my baby girl.

i don't want her to grow up. not yet. can i please stop the clock?
i want her to to call her boots "bootas" and wear "chongo bows" forever.

the simplest of things these days- touch my soul.
i know she is anxious to climb...we have all been there...
but wait to climb baby girl...wait to climb...
you have plenty of time...


because i know you may be confused with the vocab...
here's the visual.


"chongo bows"