Monday, January 4, 2010

super mom series...

so i myself am a blog follower as well...well i try to be anyway- in my spare time.
i love looking into the lives of friends and family via this obsession i call a blog.
it's all things good- what can i say?

my dear dear dear- i did say dear right...
{okay just checking}
friend Lyndsay Johnson
is one blog i follow regularly.

she is a rockstar.
a passionista-fashionista as well.
a- i don't know how she does it "hot mama" of a mom.
a- wes is "one lucky dude" of a wife.
{she's soooo laughing right now}
a friend.
my dear friend.
an amazing graphic designer that is not taking any new clients.
is responisible for my kick a** bliss logo i L.O.V.E so much.
and more of what you see than i give her credit for! ha!
{she's soooo laughing right now}
a down right supa ma herself! what can i say we have a lot in common!
well- except the part about being wes's wife!

okay. okay. okay.
for the real business at hand...

enough about me, let's talk about lynds, what does lynds think about me?
{ha! *you're* all laughing now...}

click on her link to find out....

but really lynds...
i cherish
our friendship
our blog-ship
our mom-ship
our working relationship

thank you for thinking of me for your super mom series
but most of all thinking of me as one means more to me than you know.
thank you.
i loooooove you!
{she is really laughing right now}

so i guess i can say from one supa ma to another!

ps. and a happy happy birthday to my brother and supa dad!
love you j!