Tuesday, January 12, 2010

color me happy...

imagine life in black and white...

it's not all so bad for the 1am horrible bathroom light complexion.
my point you ask?!

how we would miss out on this
color me happy
reversible phat strap my friends.
i love color!
such a breath of fresh air to that 'ol original canon strap.
oh! don't get me wrong- canon is quite the accessory...
but even more so with this fancy shmanshy show me some color kind of strap.

what-cha think?
i think this one does the trick...
i like it. a lot.

so Katie....
thank you my dear.
now- as i told you via text:

"don't hate me because i'm beautiful! i got a phat strap to my piece of metal... basically you suck until yours has one too! ha! love it!"

ok... so here's a picture of the strap...
because after all that's what it's about right?!

i think it even goes well with the
fancy shmanshy show me some color
kind of uggs!

color me happy-
that's phat!

peace out.