Saturday, January 9, 2010

new kicks...

of course it takes the girl who swore over 18 months ago that she would not be
the one who becomes a gym rat.
nope not me.
ha. that's funny.
really funny.
and i blog about my new kicks.
posts like this now frequent my blog about every 3 months...

new kicks. tennis shoes. tennie runners. sneakers.
however you want acknowledge these unbelievable
made outta some cool squooshy
{that's my word- leave it alone}
micro fiber
suck your foot in place
you're suppose to wear them barefoot
feel amazing on my foot
nike frees.
yep. you know it.
holy hottest sneakers.
sneakers?! wait what?
who calls them sneakers anyhoo- kicks.
they rock.

but wait!
oh lordy!
my new gym bag has ruffles!?

would you expect anything less??
isn't she beautiful!?!
and so me!

betsey johnson

the whole 'i'm not gonna be a gym rat' gym rat ensemble...
{so grab your ipod, little blacked eyed peas and lets do this}