Friday, January 29, 2010

fridays folder...

so every night like clock work,
i go through a little routine...
i unpack the backpacks hung in their places,
i go through folders filled with papers and more papers
from a school that sends home paper after paper about recycling.
{don't get me started....}
sign here. check here. click here.
return to folder.
reading log - check.
spelling words - check.
homework - check.

and go through the "keep at home" side of the folder.
all completed work. good work. creative work.
and sometimes work that just makes me LOL.

celebrating the 100th day of school


"yes, mama."
"ummm, are these wrinkles?!?"
she chuckles, "yes!"
"are you kidding me?! that is the cutest thing ever!"
she giggles and skips off to her room wrinkle free.
i laugh that laugh i love so much.
did she intentionally draw those cute squiggly lines on her face
that i am continually fighting?


i will fight you squiggly lines!
where's the botox?!
ummm i mean-
where's the eraser?!?!

but in my 100 years...
oh- how i hope the squiggly lines that are never erased off this face
of ever fighting squiggles-
are those of laugh lines from my daughters creative, excellent,
100% spelling tests, and cutest drawings imaginable.
those squiggles i will let grace my face any time.

here's to squiggles, erasers, good grades and vanity!

happy friday!