Monday, December 28, 2009


i don't believe it can be christmas without at least one
handmade, homemade, heart-filled gift.

i will admit...sometimes this digi world just doesn't cut it.
you can't feel it. touch it. hold it.
i- as many of you know- have been quite the scrapper...
ha. no pun-
a scrapbooker. i have books books books.
i love them. i made them. glued. cut. tied. purposely aged.
it took days. hours. time...
{nough said}

my mom m.a.d.e me this book i so deeply treasure
just for me. just for christmas.

it is beautiful.
it is perfect.
it is handmade.
it is heart-filled.
it is homemade.

i love you mom.
{yes dad- you too}

{-boo boo's}