Thursday, December 31, 2009

to the snow we go...

10:58am facebook update via mobile web:
vmg is a mama on a mission:
two kids in the snow we go!

3:08pm facebook update via mobile web:
vmg's snowing...

...headed down the mountain,
over the hills and through the woods
to a warm and cozy casa we go...

4:41pm facebook update via mobile web:
vmg is a full tank of gas. two hot chocolate face kiddos out cold.
wet mittens and 2 worn out snow covered sleds. a lil' jack johnson playlist. a trunk full of kick a** finds from an old town antique store. a caramel macchiato in hand and the biggest smile ever.
it was a great day! so glad i woke up mission bound.
snow- quite frankly is good for the soul!
okay bye.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a visit with monkey...

he was a shy monkey at first.
he warmed up quick...
we played legos. finger puppets. and cars.

and who knew an orange tree could be so much fun!

they all have mendez in them.
cousins they will be.

fruits of their fun.

meet Clo.
she's a daughter.
she's a sister.
she's a friend.
she's a mama to a monkey.
she's my brother's better half.

and she, my brother and monkey don't frequent this blog enough.
so any time we can squeeze in a visit- it's a good day indeed.

ps. he does answer to julian- sometimes...

Monday, December 28, 2009


i don't believe it can be christmas without at least one
handmade, homemade, heart-filled gift.

i will admit...sometimes this digi world just doesn't cut it.
you can't feel it. touch it. hold it.
i- as many of you know- have been quite the scrapper...
ha. no pun-
a scrapbooker. i have books books books.
i love them. i made them. glued. cut. tied. purposely aged.
it took days. hours. time...
{nough said}

my mom m.a.d.e me this book i so deeply treasure
just for me. just for christmas.

it is beautiful.
it is perfect.
it is handmade.
it is heart-filled.
it is homemade.

i love you mom.
{yes dad- you too}

{-boo boo's}

Sunday, December 27, 2009

post christmas blues...

post christmas mess...

post christmas fever...

bustin' out some post christmas blues.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

kiss the christmas cook...

aww... shucks!
did i just ruin that sassy lil apron for ya??
someone's gotta do the dishes!
but if it's any consolation-
the food was delish and the kitchen is clean!

ps. thanks mom. i love it!