Friday, October 30, 2009

this 'ol patch...

the story goes like this...

i beg for one nice picture
{shown above. ha.}
seriously guys. just one.
never mind.
and all i hear is this:
the hay is scratchy
the sun is too bright
the sun is in my eyes
one fit
then another
i'm tired
i want to go home
i don't like this shirt
i'm hungry
i have dust in my eye
it smells like horse poop
another fit
the word "no" about 15 million x's

i have a grouchy girl who will not show this lens any love
a boy who could give a you know what about this lens for all the bad guys he's "getting"

it's been a long day
a long long day

ok! let's go!
and yet another fit!

mama says:
i think i got some good pics...makes for a good blog post.
...and i'm showin' the
faces fo' sho!

ok bye.