Thursday, October 8, 2009

a little book...

i have this little book.
i have been picking it up a lot lately and reading little ditty's
here and there from it.
i let the page i open to choose itself and i read the first one i focus on.
then i randomly flip through the quotes. notes. and passages.

a couple of days ago i opened right to and read one that
seem to fit:
my day.
my mood.
me at that moment.
so last night as i sit. edit. and listen to a great play list...
i reach over grab my little book and yet again- i read a little ditty that
seems to fit:
my day.
my mood.
me at the moment.

"There is only one path to Heaven. On Earth we call it love."
-karen goldman, writer

i don't believe in coincidence.

this little book-
it's bedside table book...
quotes and passages from the heart.

you can find it here.
"A sensory shopping experience for connoisseurs of unique beauty."

what's on your bedside table?