Saturday, October 31, 2009

hallows eve?

it's go time!

1 very powerful red power ranger.

1 very beautiful lady bug.

lil' lancome on the lashes
lil' chanel on the cheeks
lil' mac on the lips
one very lucky little ladybug

i almost flaked...
ladybugs and bumble bees
are the bee's knees when they are together...
{and she asked in that oh so sweet voice...she gets from her mama}

wait- lex turn around... sweet. thanks sis.
you make a gorgeous ladybug...
while i'm in my own little beautiful world...

{dylan YELL!}
oh make the best red pow-a-rain-ja!
da best.

actually i was making sure my red power ranger
was on his best behavior
at our little shin-dig at the park...

after a little trick or treating...
they chilled on the
'oh so famous' steps...

this little guy was handing out the treats.
{i'm thinkin' there was a fair share of tricks passed out as well}

hope you had a wickedly wonderful
hallows eve...
i mean-