Wednesday, September 23, 2009

happy blog{g}ing... i work away. play list playing...
i sit at my desk. my space. my 2nd home. i edit and blog away...
sissy sits in her space and colors.
we chat.
"mama look what i made for you!"

in my super feliz- you are so my daughter and i am thankful for you- voice...
"that is awwwwe-some!"
it reads-
'happy bloging- love lexie.'
{g} i say nothing. it's perfect.
so perfect- i grab my canon and click.
{the above pic}

"mama can i take some pictures of it since i am the 2nd photographer?
i am bliss #2."
that is a quote my friends.
i am completely elated.
i am now comfortable she won't drop it...
so i let her click away...back to work i go...
wow. really?
i think it's in her blood.

completely clueless...
that clicking noise is ingrained in my head...don't even seem to here it...

until now!
{yes- it's that v. gibbs laugh}

...because i wanted to capture this.
i got up and got my little handy dandy point and shoot.

came back to find this...
this is such a "bliss" shot.
a random that you learn to love.
ok- that r.o.c.k.s!

busted! just kidding.
this will look familiar to you soon...

...her little hands in perfect position.
it's heavy for her to hold.
she zooms in and out.
she is comfortable with it.
she loves it.
she is bliss2.

"mama! you know what would be sooo cool?!"
"what munchkin?"
"if you took a picture of me taking a picture of you"

'happy bloging.'