Monday, September 7, 2009

gypsy soul...

i am inspired.
the inspiration...

i saw the scarf. i bought the scarf.
i believe i am ready for fall.
i love fall.

something about this scarf- i l.o.v.e. it.
the color. texture.
a warm and fuzzy feeling...
the gypsy-ness of it...

it is said that the eyes are the window to the soul...
the story goes like this...

"i freakin' love this scarf!"

"mama we should take some pictures since you love it so much"
{of course we did}

i can't express to you how much i love that my daughter loves this big piece of-
way too heavy for her little hands- black canon 50d.

"put the strap around your neck just in case. be very careful."

she listens intently. she loves it. she bliss's it. she gets it.
i love it.

"shoot mama- they are blurry."
laughing out loud. "here let me see."
{hence the above pics}
she continues to click away...those are the shots i sometimes like the most.
unexpected. creative. out of the box.

so i give her specific instructions...
she again- listens intently. still fumbling the heavy piece of metal in her hands...

at this point the strap won't do anything if she drops the camera...
it has fallen around the back of her head and it's now around her waste.
...but she is so into the camera and getting it's crazy. i pray.

i dig it. so i let her shoot away...
she giggles as it shoots two frames every time she holds down the button.

"thats fine. don't worry about that. just put mama where you want her in your frame."

{yes folks- these are her shots. it was me. lex. the canon. and my magic stairs.}

click. click. click. click.

as i look back at these shots...
{i come by it honest- from the paternal side of me}

a little gyspy-ness in that soul.

a part of me i love.
there are so many facets to me. they make me who i am.
i am proud of them. i love them. all of them. even the faults.
them = a very long detailed list
{cowgirl meets neimans...kind of a list}

yes. she. did.
bliss'd folks.

you little photog- you.
i love that toothless smile.
my turn!
let's rock this!
show this lens some love...

it is said that the eyes are the window to the soul...

i in fact see that gypsy soul in her too...

let your soul and spirit fly baby girl...
wherever your heart may take you.

mama loves that soul.

that gypsy soul.

that picture folks...timeless and majestic...
rocks my gypsy soul.

* all pictures of me on this post taken by: Bliss2 - Photography by Lexie Gibbs *