Monday, September 14, 2009

and pedicures.

earlier that afternoon...
i sweat. i steamed. i showerd. i pamperd.
i had my time...

"mama can you paint my fingers and toes...i want a my toes painted like you."
"sure baby girl"
"ok. when will you have time?"

"how about right now..."
she gleams.
and so i painted ever so carefully on tiny fingers and tiny toes.

she even picked out her own colors.
matching fingers and toes...
well- that's another post.

pink on the top.
blue on the bottom.

a mani is always a girls best friend...

and a pedi.
well- pamper me silly.

and so we pampered.

no- it's not black. it's merlot.
...and because i know you love my toes.

a weekend of picnics and pedicures.

pamper me silly.
{i like the way it sounds}