Monday, September 21, 2009


happy monday sunshines!!
here's where i stand today...
i am super busy.
a little stressed.
an editing motha'.
have a love hate relationship with my camera.
love love love my camera.
{told you}
want more lenses.
love this blog.
hates feeling the pressure.
loves feeling the pressure.
works extremely well under pressure.
L.O.V.E.S the end result.
never hit delete.
needs another external hardrive....

whew...there's more but i gotta run...literally...

bottom line-
i love to create.
i love to capture.
i love to shoot.
i love my work.

i love that i am busy beyond bliss.

so when i bitch and whine and moan {blissfully} it's because,
i'm addicted.

here's lookin at you kid. bust out your camera and go shoot something...or just call me...
{i would love to squeeze you in}

"Bliss it Girl!"
-becca hamilton