Monday, August 31, 2009

my kneeeee...

of course in that whiney v. gibbs sleepy voice...
{yep- you know the one}
i am allowed.

so sad.
it hurts.
just when i am getting right where i want to 5 baby.

here are my special instructions....

1. no jumping for a week
2. no dancing on the weekend. {ha}
3. ice for 20 min
4. regain range of motion/strech


no dancing. no plyo.

this sucks!

...but these babies don't.
haven't even had a chance to break them in! ugh!
l.o.v.e them.

my new kicks.
tennie runners.
{all depends on what coast you are from}

and like- i totally dig my new kicks. omg! like- they totally rock!

and yes-
i will take west coast.