Monday, August 17, 2009


"mama can i borrow one of your headbands?"
"of course sis- which one?"
"um...i don't know.."
"how about this flower one?"
"ok mama...can we take our pictures since we are both wearing headbands"
a girl after my own heart...

"where's the camera!"

think your arms are a little to short to do that trick munchkin...
let mama try...

i'm telling you- this is the new signature pic...

ta da!
"but can't see your headband"
...oh- right!

ta da!
"mama let me take your picture!"
as she fumbles her little hands around the point and shoot-
i am trying to explain the law of thirds when taking a picture...

"try not to put mama in the center..." i explain
i know... i know but i have to at least try...

"okay- now when you......"
oh nice.
but she got the "thirds" thing down...right in the middle of my explanation.

but in that not a v. gibbs look or what?!
facts are- you know know that look. let mama try...

ta da!
{that's bliss. my bliss.}
i heart you and your headband sis.
now show this lens some love...

nice. love it.

{pronounced: 'boo-cheese'}
gibbs kids lingo for kisses.

my sis.

...she does this little crooked foot thing...
i love it!
"my turn mama!"

" i think i zoomed"
she says

i laugh.
"okay try again."

"i made it a little you do..."

oh yes- she. did. just say that...

"okay i'm trying not to put you in the middle...can you put these on the blog mama?"
"absolutely baby girl..."
"but mama you can't delete any of them...because these are my pictures of you."

and so i blog...

"mama- i love that blog..."

ps. this all started because i picked her up from school the other day wearing a headband...
go figure.