Thursday, August 27, 2009

a convo with the tooth fairy....

and so i update my staus on FB...
vanessa mendez gibbs: has to play tooth fairy tonight!!

and the story goes like this:

at grimaldi's with the fam-
{cheating for dinner...ha}
BEST pizza in the world i might add...
lex is chatty chatty at dinner as usual..which we love and encourage...
tells us all about her day and her friends and what shoes so and so is wearing...
{not joking}
z & i look at each other. we were thinking the same thing...
so i say...
"that tooth is looking pretty loose lex"
z says..
"come here..."

drum roll......


"here you go sis."
yep. done.

oh!- that is just the beginning......

la la la
we are all home- stuffed and happy and we here this:

GASP! "my tooth! my tooth! we forgot my tooth!"
tears. tears. and more tears.

wanting to crawl in a big black hole about now...
we in fact forgot her tooth. on the table. at grimaldi's.
yeah- bye bye's not like we left are keys...
how would they know what this little piece of crooked worn down baby whatever was... seriously.
what in the heck are we going to do???!!!!

so i see zach pick up the his phone...
i freak!
what? if you think they are even going to have that thing you are out of your mind!
{lex is still crying in the background}
i-have my hands on my hips and am throwing some serious looks-
are you kidding me- you are not calling grimaldi's right now!!

"umm yes..hi- is this the tooth fairy?"
{i am still throwing looks- yeah that one. lex is listening and cracked a toothless smile}

"umm..yeah- we were just at dinner and we seemed to have mis-placed my daughters tooth...
we were just wondering how you go about visiting without the tooth actually being under the pillow... oh- uh huh. uh huh. oh- you've had this happen before... oh- okay so you want her to draw a picture of her tooth...oh- ok...and just put that under the pillow?"

we are all standing in silence listening intently to z have this convo with the toothfairy...

"oh that sounds great. uh huh- thanks for your time and i will have her do that right now..."

pulls his blackberry away from his ear and says,
"she told me to tell you not to worry. she will still come. this happens all the time and to just draw a picture and stick it under your pillow...

the picture.
"i lost my tooth somewhere"
"this is a picture"

whew! and my is after that convo...i captured these shots.

lets call this one "soft focus" ha. it was a better shot of her toothless smile...
she was bouncin' around with glee...lucky i got these...

tooth fairy- schmooth fairy.
this is a great shot of lex.
i heart it 100 x's.
{those eyes.....}

oh yes- mr. sunshine has to get in on the action...
let me see your teeth buddy...

yep. you still got em'!

and so it's been told...when you don't know what to do when you lose the tooth that should go under the pillow for the tooth fairy...just call her-
she'll tell ya!

and i still threw him one last...
'i can't believe you just pulled that one off!' look.