Thursday, August 13, 2009 angel?

meet heather...the angel?
you have met her before- back on the hike post a long while ago...
anyhoo- she is my trainer- that i love 'oh so much'
and of course a dear friend.
we have our laughs in 'group fitness' fo' sho!
don't let that angelic face fool you...this girlie is hard core
'gettin anaerobic on you!'
she pushes me. motivates me. kills me.
i love it.

meet john...her 'oh so sweet' hubby...
who will hopefully- one day attempt to fix my broken down legs from all my running...
that's right. too much running...
but i love it. i crave it. i have to have it.
sorry v-
off the treadmill for a while.
{john is a physical therapist}

and here's my 'oh so sweet hubby' who gets to hear me
whine and complain about my legs
{shins really}
and heather...
{not really}
i just tell him he could never handle my workouts!
he laughs.

off to the gym...
had to double up on the 'boot camp'
or 'angel camp' in trade for the treadmill.

ps. heather you can thank kathy for your new name-