Saturday, August 29, 2009

and so we play...

snow cones and all...

and cotton candy...
mama was feeling g.e.n.e.r.o.u.s.

just do that!

ahhh....while z is away mama will lay.
{so how's 5 cities in 4 days goin'? miss you....}

i stuck to my diet...
ok- so i snuck in a few bites of snow cone.
and 2 bites of cotton candy....
{that's it. i swear.}

lex & brooklyn...
way too cool @ the LT pool.

so long story short...
dylan and i are chill. hanging by the pool...
{well- he's swimin' in the pool and i'm lookin' cool by the pool}
it rhymed- calm down!
so he is beat. ready to go home. me too. lex is well-
the social butterfly. yeah yeah- we know where she gets that from.
i walk over to tell her we are 'peace out' in 10-
but before i could
{cause she was too cool hangin' with her friends}
she looks up and says
"what are you doing over here?"
{totally nice... but surprised 'cause i was crampin' her style}

"well- i came to check on you because you are 6. and well- we are out in 10"

"okay mama."

10 min later.

we out.

happy saturday.