Monday, July 6, 2009

some summer days are lazy days...
after the gym we always come home and have lunch.
while i was making lunch lex was keeping herself busy.
she is such a good girl. she's amazing.
so when i walked in to tell her lunch was ready she said..
'mama can you help me with this?'

'of course i can love'
so we sat on her un-made bed. together.
i looked around...

these days are so precious.
Dr. Seuss books and 'oobie' eyes on her night stand...
her name tag from school is a must.

not to long from now it will be a whole different world.
the real world.
soon she will be big. bigger.
i want her to stay a little girl forever.

her babies...

my baby girl.
don't grow up too fast...
there is plenty of time for that.
cherish this time lovebug-
i do.