Wednesday, June 3, 2009

V's B-day Bash Part II - Gettin SWANKY!

hello...welcome to the par-tae!
my par-tae to be exact!

oh sweets- we are just gettin' startin'....

some pics need to be posted twice!

hot mama's!!
Amy's even got one in the oven!
He's a rockstar already!

Bliss Style Folks!
that's the way 'Bliss' rolls!
have fun with it!

...that's why i'am the photog...
can't be two places at once..
and by the way..i was off that night!

clink. clink.
Happy Birthday V!!!!!
Yes- in fact I made the same wish.

here's to birthdays. to friends. to life.
and everything in between.

again- just ask us!

...because it is all about the shoes.
i said SHOES!
{aren't they cute!}

Okay...we had way too much fun!

that's a wrap!