Tuesday, June 9, 2009


this past weekend my parents were in town and had the kids
with them at their home in a small town up north.

they were so excited to see each other.
can't ya tell.
i am so thankful for the bond they have.
it's special. very special.

it's nice to see the kids in the back of the pick up.
in the dirt. dirty. outside. good 'ol down home fun.
kinda like how z & i grew up...

meet 'little man.'
this horse has roped more steers and drug more calves to the fire than i know...
he's a cowpuncher's dream.
{cowpuncher is another term used for cowboy but one that works on a ranch more so than in the rodeo arena.}

yeah- did i mention he's been turned out for like- 5 years or more.
good luck with a pic!
{fyi- for the pic above..i had quite the nice zoooommm lens. ha.}
... and for those of you who know this equine we call 'little man'...
well- he hasn't changed a bit.
he's still one you would want to be mounted on
{droppin' more cowboy slang!}

and not on the ground with.
yeah...you know the type. it's a bad word. ha.

meet my grandma.
the kids call her grandma-ma.
{she is just as swanky as she looks...}

she loves arizona too! ha.

this is how she fixes fence.
gotta love it.
i learned from the best.


dylan in the back of the truck.
this was a great change of scenery.
gotta love small towns...

they come with good 'ol down home, good 'ol boys, salt of the earth, come out and say hi,
will help you with anything, neighbors like this.
that folks- is all American.
meet Mr. Dugan.