Monday, June 15, 2009

mama says...

they listen so well...really they do.

thank you for always being such good sports when
i shove this big black piece of canon in your face all the time...

...because when don't i have my camera...
as some would say.

you've become a natural.
love the pose sis. love it.

just me.
just sis.
just us.

so...yeah- mr. sonshine....
not so much!
look at that face!
{oh wait- does he get that from me??!!}
his bliss....
but i captured it.

yet again. what can i say....

this little girl loves her mama.
her mama loves this little girl.

i adore nose rubs...

tres amigos.

that's why mama says...
capture your life. capture your bliss.
everyday. snap away.
that {canon} camera {big or small} is very important.
share those moments with the ones you love.
i would love for you to share the moments in your life...