Wednesday, June 17, 2009

forever friends

meet kirk and april

{as i call her}
is my dear dear friend.
she should frequent this blog more but she lives in sd...
so hard to get together...
but when we do....

it's amazing.
the way friendships are supposed to be.
pick up where we left off.
blah blah blah and blah some more.
laugh laugh laugh and laugh some more.

she should have been in the 'pic i stole'
{past post}
she too is a former miss rodeo lakeside
who knew!?
she's gonna kill me!
{closet rodeo queen!}
now that is funny.

no. this is funny!
hilarious quite frankly.

wait- what?
what did you say?

forever friends.
thanks for the laughs my friend.
big hugs and can't wait to do it again!