Thursday, June 25, 2009

celebrating you

today was your special day...

your rockstar birthday party with 3 close friends!

a day filled with
and a pedi....
what more could a girl want!!!?

you are growing up too fast munchkin!!

a little bliss action for the birthday par-tae!
love those tosie's!

and...a girls day is never complete without a little retail therapy!!
{don't tell your dad i told you that!!}
ha. favorite part of the day...

for the record:
this was lexie's idea for her b-day bash!
So we {i}
{mama- that would be me}
started planning...
pedi- check
friends- check
a little shopping- check
lunch- hmmm

{i told lex she could pick ANYWHERE she wanted to go...
thinking she would pick a place we frequent...NOT so much.....never. ever. EVER.}

Align Center
yep....see those golden arches.....

Mc Donalds folks....

i'm lovin' it.