Friday, June 26, 2009

happy birthday sissy

my little girl is six years old.

you are an amazing little soul.

that face is my joy. mi vida.

i am so proud to be your mama.

thank you for letting my lens love you!
we have fun don't we sis?

those eyes. that smile. that heart.
you are my little miss sunshine.

you warm my heart. my soul.

follow your dreams sis. where ever that may take you...
your life is a blank canvas...
you have the paint brush in your little hands...

daddy and i will always always be right by your side...
{if you have questions of course}

we love you.
happy birthday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

celebrating you

today was your special day...

your rockstar birthday party with 3 close friends!

a day filled with
and a pedi....
what more could a girl want!!!?

you are growing up too fast munchkin!!

a little bliss action for the birthday par-tae!
love those tosie's!

and...a girls day is never complete without a little retail therapy!!
{don't tell your dad i told you that!!}
ha. favorite part of the day...

for the record:
this was lexie's idea for her b-day bash!
So we {i}
{mama- that would be me}
started planning...
pedi- check
friends- check
a little shopping- check
lunch- hmmm

{i told lex she could pick ANYWHERE she wanted to go...
thinking she would pick a place we frequent...NOT so much.....never. ever. EVER.}

Align Center
yep....see those golden arches.....

Mc Donalds folks....

i'm lovin' it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...and better late than never

so you recognize these faces and this b-day lunch in fact...
ummm- yeah- that one- in may.
well.....miss kelly in the middle just sent me the pics!!
now you'll really understand why the better late then never...
Brittony is having baby number 3 as we {i} type! Yay!!
I know...don't hate- you can't even tell she is {was} prego!
sending birthday wishes to baby boy #3!!!! that we got all that straighten out.....
here was my substitute to b-day cake!!

and in fact i made that same wish like 4 times...

thanks kel for the pictures. i'm glad you sent was a sweet surprise in my inbox.
love ya!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

belated and early

claire- you always go above and beyond!
thank you for your friendship!
{you too jose!}

so sorry we missed you at the birthday bash...
but so glad to catch up with you guys over a low key night of wine and cheese
hmmm...i recognize that little box....

viva la glam...
you know me all too well!!!
ps. lookin for that horseshoe charm to bring me some good luck...
and gives me an excuse to get the butterfly charm i've been eyein' for a little...

no...folks I tell ya'...she out does herself everytime!
{i'd be talkin' to you claire!}
Little Miss has a b-day in a few days....

...she new what is was before she opened it...
the girls were telling secrets in her room....
go figure!

thank you melissa for being such a great friend to lexie.

claire and jose...
we are so sad you guys are moving but
we are happy to have the kind of friendship
where miles don't matter!!
See you soon!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

two days your world stood still... had a baby girl...

you had a baby boy...

your world is complete.
their world is complete. are the best dad in the whole wide world.

happy fathers day.
we love you.

me. sis. and dylan.

happy fathers day

he didn't tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.
-clarence buddington kelland

"i love you til the street stops"
-v. mendez

circa 1986

happy fathers day
-boo boo's

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

san diego

san diego bliss
scroll down.

the girl in the middle

the girl in the middle loves this reunion
meet heidi and gretchen
kindergarten though sophomore year of HS.
{then we moved}
reunions = good times
facebook - crap = can be amazing

the girl in the middle says:
some pics are worth posting twice.
i love to bliss 'em up!

the girl in the middle has always been the
brown haired girl...

vanessa MENDEZ!
{that was for you gretchen!}

so they say...
the girl in the middle hasn't changed a bit...
neither have they. we just grew up. a little.

there were not enough hours in this day...
wow. just amazing.
so happy to have you girls back in my life!

don't know that i would have recognized this face on the street...
it has been 15 +/_ years...

i fo'sho' will recognize them now.
i refuse to go another 15 years. ha.
really really enjoyed it!
makes you want to stop the clock now
...and to have been able to stop it then...

of course we did.
always do.
the girl in the middle has always been the shortest!

we were missing a few at our little reunion but we always have next time!

forever friends

meet kirk and april

{as i call her}
is my dear dear friend.
she should frequent this blog more but she lives in sd...
so hard to get together...
but when we do....

it's amazing.
the way friendships are supposed to be.
pick up where we left off.
blah blah blah and blah some more.
laugh laugh laugh and laugh some more.

she should have been in the 'pic i stole'
{past post}
she too is a former miss rodeo lakeside
who knew!?
she's gonna kill me!
{closet rodeo queen!}
now that is funny.

no. this is funny!
hilarious quite frankly.

wait- what?
what did you say?

forever friends.
thanks for the laughs my friend.
big hugs and can't wait to do it again!

del mar fair

a fair is not a fair without a carosel ride.

and my favorite carnival game ever!!!!
i love this game!
i let sis play this time.
she won. fair and square!

i'm telling you...look at that face!
so much joy for a turtle...
yes- she doing the happy dance...hence the little blur.

and dylan won a monkey!

sis with her papa.
the ferris wheel. the view. that city.
gotta love it.

kids had a blast....
okay maybe we cracked a smile too! ha!
good times!