Friday, May 8, 2009

teachers pet

teachers pet?

...not really.
just a little girl that absolutely, positively,with out a doubt loves her teacher.

her days and afternoons and sometimes nights are consumed with making cards, pictures, poems, writing lyrics, and of course coloring the most beautiful designs ever.
...she get's it from her mama... {yeah- hum the tune of that song. ha.}
but seriously. she has wrote us some of the cutest songs & she even performs them for us.
{completely off tune...she gets that from her mama as well.}

so for Mrs. Walker's B-day...
she made her this amazing card. Wrote down a song.
And sang.
{don't know if she performed at school- but she did at home}
too flippin' cute.

this song was a remake of one she learned in school.
about plants.
Norah Jones...move over.