Friday, May 22, 2009

a son you have met little ms. sunshine herself.
she frequents this blog all the time.
but meet my
mr. sonshine.
{son + shine} {get it}

i was finally able to photograph him.
i had the photog angles on my side.
he was happy. cooperative. silly. playful. cute. funny.
he was him.

ironic as it may seem-
i think this is my favorite. adorable.

we had quite the conversation.
we chatted about his truck... his jeans... his feet and how the rocks were poking them...
if he could see my eye through the camera... how many eyes I have...
crazy the answers- when you ask the questions.

a good photoshoot.
the photographer is happy.
very happy.

meet my sonshine.
my buddy boy. my little man. my son.
my dylan.

'mom- i don't want you to take no more pictures'

okay son. i'm done.
thank you buddy.
i love you.