Monday, May 18, 2009

shop for a cure


That's all you had to say!
I'm there! ha.
Best part- it was for a great cause.
Thanks to another dear friend Becca {who i met through bliss}...
Bliss was able to donate and get involved.
Thank you Becca!
It was a say the'll see what I mean....keep scrolling...

all these wonderful gals along with myself shopped. shopped for a cause.
a fundraiser for Banner Alzheimer's Foundation.
Bliss donated to the silent auction.

Can I just tell you that this venture has turned into the most amazing thing.
I am happy as ever that I had the guts to do it.... I have met so many wonderful people and made some amazing friends. All because of a camera. Kinda like the picture that inspired me.

So after lunch, shopping and a little bubbly...
{sparking water...hello!}

we glammed it up. we hammed it up.
we laughed. and posed. and laughed some more.
I even passed the camera around to let them try out the 'photog' status.
they handed the camera right back- HA! not as east as it looks!!
{turn the camera not your head becca!}

meet becca. if you don't know her or haven't met her...
you need to!
And meet Heidi- top left center.
Yep. Heidi Boutique. Her stuff rocks! So does she.

okay- we frequent this blog....


Go shop. Go shop for a cause. Go take some pictures! Ham it up! Glam it up!
Smile. Live your life. Love your life. Love yourself.
Give your girlfriends a big hug....

Capture your life, capture your Bliss.