Sunday, May 3, 2009

relay for life- part I

i love to donate. so does
Bliss Boutique Photography.

meet Kelly. my amazing friend kelly. the host of this great event.
{you remember the rock star birthday post}
yep- i infact have two amazing girlfriends named kelly. the other spells her name with an i. but she is in sd.
Kelly has gotten me {Bliss} involved with her relay for life team for the
American Cancer Society.
Bliss donated for the silent auction.
I can't wait to meet the family that wins!! in preparation for the relay...she had a little 'girls happy hour'.
But this was no ordinary happy hour my friends...

we had great food and we got to color- with crayons!

we made luminaries for people who we have lost from cancer, or have survived the fight against cancer or are currently fighting cancer.

this one i made in memory of Papa.
{heart} Markie.
yep- my beautiful cousin.
my uncle Mark, her dad. her papa. She was 8.

and this one for our grandpa.
Our family has been touch by this yucky disease in more ways than one
and it has changed us. pulled us apart.
made us grow. brought us back together. but most of all made us realize that...
many things may change us, but we start and end with family.

These two girls
Britony {above}
Kelly {below}
are two amazing women who I am proud to call friends.
{they are the real deal folks...}

thank you girls- for getting me involved.
See you next Friday at the track!