Wednesday, May 27, 2009

...a little get a way's a lobby. i love this lobby.

yes...i did get a little getaway.
i love getaways.
makes me feel like the luckiest girl around...

en fuego!

girl-time is a must time.
kel- i love our time.
the boys wouldn't understand...then again..who would?!
uummmm. who cares. you get me. we're on the same page.
thank you for your friendship.


...and when i say 'i love ya.....'
i mean it...can't you feel it.
who can't feel that hug!!

seriously sista!
thank you.
{i'm so glad you didn't wear that pink dress!}


ps. if anyone finds a camera with these two faces on it...
{and after you scroll through all our amazing photos}
...send it my way!