Saturday, May 30, 2009

the celebrations...

the beginning of a weekend filled with celebration.

started with lunch with two beautiful girlfriends...

kel-thank you for everything.

hot mama!

to the random paparazzi...
whatev- it's my birthday!

Britony- you said it best!
this my friends is the best therapy around.
the kind of laugh that makes you cry.
the kind of laugh that makes your stomach hurt.

...ended the day with this.

Dylan wanted to get mama a 'Thomas' cake but sissy didn't.
Sissy won.

this little girl had to take her dad to get her mama a cake,
a birthday card and roses. all her idea...
She wanted her mama to have a 'birthday party'
and so we did.

i in fact made a wish...

{more celebration pictures to come...oh yeah...we're rockin' through the weekend}