Saturday, May 30, 2009

the celebrations...

the beginning of a weekend filled with celebration.

started with lunch with two beautiful girlfriends...

kel-thank you for everything.

hot mama!

to the random paparazzi...
whatev- it's my birthday!

Britony- you said it best!
this my friends is the best therapy around.
the kind of laugh that makes you cry.
the kind of laugh that makes your stomach hurt.

...ended the day with this.

Dylan wanted to get mama a 'Thomas' cake but sissy didn't.
Sissy won.

this little girl had to take her dad to get her mama a cake,
a birthday card and roses. all her idea...
She wanted her mama to have a 'birthday party'
and so we did.

i in fact made a wish...

{more celebration pictures to come...oh yeah...we're rockin' through the weekend}

Friday, May 29, 2009

it's golden

May 29th, 1980

A dark haired, gemini, little girl was born...and after this day
the world would never be the same...
{just ask her parents}

it is in fact my golden birthday. today. 29 on the 29th.

Happy Birthday to me. It's a wonderful day! Won't you help me celebrate?

YaY!! I knew you would.

{oh! don't you worry...there will be plenty of V's b-day pics to post...coming soon}

Thursday, May 28, 2009

off to first grade

you did it baby girl!
you made it through kindergarten.
so proud of you. you are such a wonderful, smart, sweet, thoughtful, beautiful little girl.
you have the world at your fingertips. your life, your friendships, your school days-all are just begining. always stay true to yourself and be the best that you can be.
dreams are not just dreams.
they are meant to be chased, followed, pursued and accomplished.
dream big munchkin. dream big.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

...a little get a way's a lobby. i love this lobby.

yes...i did get a little getaway.
i love getaways.
makes me feel like the luckiest girl around...

en fuego!

girl-time is a must time.
kel- i love our time.
the boys wouldn't understand...then again..who would?!
uummmm. who cares. you get me. we're on the same page.
thank you for your friendship.


...and when i say 'i love ya.....'
i mean it...can't you feel it.
who can't feel that hug!!

seriously sista!
thank you.
{i'm so glad you didn't wear that pink dress!}


ps. if anyone finds a camera with these two faces on it...
{and after you scroll through all our amazing photos}
...send it my way!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...look what i found {stole}


miss rodeo lakeside
{yes i just said that}


taken on markie's 21st birthday
las vegas, nevada

little reminders that will make you smile:
can you take our picture, brown haired girl, mass texts, yummy dinner,
spilling yummier cosmos, amazing company,
dancing, girlfriends, good times, the hallway.

told you you would smile.

*markie- i stole this picture from you*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

memorial rain

even with the slightest requires an umbrella and rain boots.
we take what we can get...when it comes to rain.
in may? on memorial weekend?

we'll be praying for this weather in couple days....
can't beat overcast and 75'...
even a little chilly....

ps. the winds shifted a lil' to the pool.

Friday, May 22, 2009

a son you have met little ms. sunshine herself.
she frequents this blog all the time.
but meet my
mr. sonshine.
{son + shine} {get it}

i was finally able to photograph him.
i had the photog angles on my side.
he was happy. cooperative. silly. playful. cute. funny.
he was him.

ironic as it may seem-
i think this is my favorite. adorable.

we had quite the conversation.
we chatted about his truck... his jeans... his feet and how the rocks were poking them...
if he could see my eye through the camera... how many eyes I have...
crazy the answers- when you ask the questions.

a good photoshoot.
the photographer is happy.
very happy.

meet my sonshine.
my buddy boy. my little man. my son.
my dylan.

'mom- i don't want you to take no more pictures'

okay son. i'm done.
thank you buddy.
i love you.

we eat

and so we eat.
ribs.vegatables. milk.

that's right sis... pick it up and eat it right off the bone.
no girlie girl stuff when your eatin' ribs.
forget the fork and knife.
it's better that way.
i promise.


yes- you may have a napkin.
thanks for using your manners and asking politely.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wanna be friends?

i did it. i took the plundge. ugh! i was trying so hard not too. but i gave in.
i have a feeling it will be fun. addicting. i refuse to let in get in the way of my blog world.
i love this little world. my world. such a happy little place. oh gosh!

Yep. i'm officially a facebook-er.
Ahhhh........ i said it. i did it. i freakin' took the plunge.

wanna be friends?

ok- here's the catch-
i just put the link to here: the bliss life and bliss photography. ...
so all you 'fellow' facebook-ers can hop on and click on the links to follow my blogdom...or just save them to your favorites and check them as often as you would like.
My point- don't expect any big posts or photos there {fb}....keep checking the blogs...
unless of course i get drug into this other digi world of walls, and comments etc...
i won't tweet- by the way.

Monday, May 18, 2009

shop for a cure


That's all you had to say!
I'm there! ha.
Best part- it was for a great cause.
Thanks to another dear friend Becca {who i met through bliss}...
Bliss was able to donate and get involved.
Thank you Becca!
It was a say the'll see what I mean....keep scrolling...

all these wonderful gals along with myself shopped. shopped for a cause.
a fundraiser for Banner Alzheimer's Foundation.
Bliss donated to the silent auction.

Can I just tell you that this venture has turned into the most amazing thing.
I am happy as ever that I had the guts to do it.... I have met so many wonderful people and made some amazing friends. All because of a camera. Kinda like the picture that inspired me.

So after lunch, shopping and a little bubbly...
{sparking water...hello!}

we glammed it up. we hammed it up.
we laughed. and posed. and laughed some more.
I even passed the camera around to let them try out the 'photog' status.
they handed the camera right back- HA! not as east as it looks!!
{turn the camera not your head becca!}

meet becca. if you don't know her or haven't met her...
you need to!
And meet Heidi- top left center.
Yep. Heidi Boutique. Her stuff rocks! So does she.

okay- we frequent this blog....


Go shop. Go shop for a cause. Go take some pictures! Ham it up! Glam it up!
Smile. Live your life. Love your life. Love yourself.
Give your girlfriends a big hug....

Capture your life, capture your Bliss.