Saturday, April 18, 2009

whatever...who's yo mama

don't be jealous of my apron. yeah... it rocks! this i know.
go get one...i got it at a store called Anthropologie.
ever heard of it? Big Huge HA!
could possibly be fashonista Heaven on earth!
{okay back to cooking...}

here's the difference...
i can't cook in a messy while the house was a 'move in' mess i went into freak out mode until it got done.
it's done. i'm back. now get out of my kitchen.

can you say yum!
just ask lex...she'll tell you 'we eat healthy around here!'

nice depth of field...for all my photog friends...
love it.

um...we're cooking with it....umm yeah...goes great with vegetables...
yeah- that's it......okay...
zach makes me 'my' kick a** yummy 'mommy needs a drink' drink!
{you know you've all said it- you may not have drank it- but i know you've said it}
but no worries...for all the non-vodka toting soccer moms-
we have water on the rocks with a twist of lemon.
Ahhh. Refresh!