Wednesday, April 1, 2009

take a hike

Yep we hiked it!
My dear friend Heather- well depends on the day.... If she is in the gym- she sometimes is not my dear friend... More like the personal trainer that kicks my a**!!!! Big time. Everytime.
Yeah, Yeah.... she looks so sweet- until you take her classes! Which in fact- I continue to show up for day after day to get my butt whooped!
Okay- she is still my dear friend. And I love her! Regardless.
Meet Heather.

you already know me....

So she text the other day and said, "Hey wanna hike Camelback!?"
Having been in the gym all week and with all the stresses of life seeming to be creeping in a little more this week than normal- I text back... "YES!"
And so we hiked and talked and talked and hiked.

No trails on this baby. Your crawling up rocks!
...the entire way.

We made if!
It was so nice to sit and chat on the top of that mountain.
Clarity. Calmness.
Oh Yeah- we had to catch our breath too!
just kidding.

Ahhhh- The city. All of it. Well- most of all of it.

Our new pad... HA!!!!!!!!!
Oh- um... either one. You choose! :)

So the moral of the story:

I love having great friends. Heather is a great friend.
I love to work out in the gym- but there is something about hiking on a beautiful day.
Go take a hike!